10 best ways to make money on Bitcoin in 2020

More and more people consider bitcoin as an asset for investment, amazed by how much its rate can jump in a short period of time. In 2019, the main cryptocurrency price increased by more than 300% in just 3 months. In this article, we will teach you how to make money with bitcoin with or without investment.

Ways to make money with investments

1. Buy and hold

This is the easiest way to earn on Bitcoin. Just buy Bitcoin and keep it in your wallet until the exchange rate increases. To do this, you do not need specialized knowledge about Bitcoin functions and do not have to understand principles of fundamental market analysis, although the latter will not be superfluous if you consider investments as a serious source of income.

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2. Trading

Trading allows you to earn much more than just investing in bitcoin, but requires basic knowledge of technical and fundamental market analysis and experience. Also, the risks will be much higher, especially if you use leverage.

3. Mining

Independent mining requires large investments in hardware due to the high and constantly growing hashrate of the Bitcoin network. By purchasing the equipment once, you will be able to mine coins and increase your capital in the long term if the cryptocurrency exchange rate increases. There are cloud mining services that allow you to earn bitcoins without buying equipment, but this is an unprofitable option because of fees and inflated electricity costs.

4. Lending

You can provide bitcoin loans to other traders or provide cash loans with cryptocurrency as collateral. The income is not as high as from trading, but it does not require knowledge, and the risk remains minimal while the yield is higher than that of a bank deposit.

5. Staking and masternodes

Some cryptocurrencies support PoS mining, which allows you to get rewards by simply holding cryptocurrencies in your wallet, similar to dividends on shares. The yield is slightly higher than that of a bank deposit, but with the cryptocurrency growth of the, your profit will increase significantly.

Ways to earn bitcoins without investment

6. Blogging

You can launch your own cryptocurrency website, YouTube blog, or Telegram channel. Blogs in social networks do not require monetary investments, but for effective promotion, you will have to invest in advertising. If you want to go even further, launch an online store and accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services.

7. Freelance

Blockchain specialist is one of the most promising, popular and highly paid IT-jobs today, which is at the level of artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and neural networks. If you have experience and knowledge in one of these fields, it will not be difficult for you to find a remote job and get paid in bitcoins really well.

8. Affiliate programs

Another way to make money with bitcoins is to promote other products and services. You can promote wallets, crypto exchanges, exchangers and other services, receiving bitcoins as a reward. You can use social networks, personal blog, forums or your website without spending a penny.

9. Bounties and airdrops

If you have a blog about cryptocurrencies or related topics, such as finances, you can promote crypto projects and participate in bounty campaigns, receiving rewards in tokens that can bring a good income after listing on major exchanges. To participate in airdrops, it is enough to register and perform simple tasks in social networks, but the reward will be much smaller. In both types of campaigns, you can get coins for other users registering via your affiliate link.

The key risks of this method are that the tokens may be traded significantly below the stated price after listing, or they may not be traded at all. Therefore, you should carefully choose projects to participate in.

10. Micro-task services and bitcoin faucets

This method is suitable for beginners if they do not have professional experience in anything, and they do not want to risk their funds. It is required to complete simple tasks, such as installing apps, participating in surveys, clicking ads, subscribing, liking, or simply collecting a small amount of coins every few minutes or hour. The revenue is quite small, but this is a good way to get acquainted with how cryptocurrencies and transactions work.

Now you know how to make money with cryptocurrency. Good luck!

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