10 proven ways to get Bitcoin

There are many ways to get Bitcoin: you can buy it, mine it, earn it, or even get it for free. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages: some of them require large investments, while others involve high risks. In this article, we will look at different ways to get bitcoin, as well as compare and choose the best way.

1. Buy Bitcoins online (the fastest method)

You can buy BTC for dollars using online exchangers or crypto exchanges, and then just hold the cryptocurrency, waiting for the best moment to sell. At the same time, you can buy Bitcoin in different ways.

Online exchangers

This is the easiest and fastest way to get Bitcoin. To exchange, you need to create a request and pay for it, after which the cryptocurrency will be sent to your crypto wallet. However, as among crypto-exchanges, there are many fraudulent sites that seek to steal users’ money.

A reliable online exchanger will help you choose the Changevisor service: you can use It to find the right exchangers and choose the best offer for buying bitcoin or altcoin for USD PayPal, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash and other methods. Exchange rates are updated in real time, and you can read user reviews on the Changevisor website.


  • Quick and easy exchange;
  • The cryptocurrency is transferred to your wallet, where it is safely stored;
  • Many payment options: payment systems, bank cards, etc.


  • High fees;
  • Risk of running into scammers if you are looking for an exchange yourself.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Exchanges allow you to quickly buy cryptocurrency, but this is not so convenient if you plan to store coins in your bitcoin wallet. In addition, you will pay fees costs when adding currency to your deposit, which usually varies around 3%, not including exchange and withdrawal costs.

List of popular crypto exchanges:


  • Favorable purchase rate;
  • The ability to quickly sell cryptocurrency.


  • Fees;
  • Inconvenience: you have to deposit, exchange, and then withdraw cryptocurrency;
  • It is not safe to store coins on exchanges: they can be hacked.

2. Cryptotrading

This is a quick way to make a profit by buying cryptocurrency low and selling it high. The exchange rate can change within one day by 10% or more, which opens up many opportunities for earning. But cryptotrading can be difficult and too risky for beginners, and also requires knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis.


  • High earning potential;
  • No big investment required: $10 is enough to get started;
  • Ability to hedge risks.


  • High risks of losing funds;
  • Difficult for beginners;
  • Requires special knowledge in the field of trading.

3. Mining

You can buy mining equipment and start mining cryptocurrency. The yield strongly depends on the cryptocurrency exchange rate: if Bitcoin becomes much cheaper, then the cost of electricity may not pay off, and you will suffer losses.


  • Long-term income: you get it while the equipment is running;


  • High entry threshold: mining equipment costs at least $1000;
  • There are risks: poor payback when the cryptocurrency exchange rate is low. In addition, due to the growing complexity of the network, profitability is falling;
  • Special knowledge is required to configure the equipment;
  • Additional maintenance and repair costs;
  • Constant noise in the room.

There is an alternative to this method: cloud mining. You can rent computing power for a certain period or indefinitely, and earn income without having to worry about repairs, configuration, and maintenance: this is included in the rental price, so the yield will be lower and may even be negative. In addition, you will not need any knowledge, and you will receive passive income. Cloud mining is suitable for those who do not have access to cheap electricity.

List of popular services:

4. Free Bitcoin

You can get cryptocurrency for free using Bitcoin faucets or participating in giveaways from crypto exchanges. Exchanges often hold various promotions, for participation in which you can get a reward in BTC:

  • Bonus deposit replenishment;
  • Prize for trade deals;
  • Registration bonus;
  • Verification bonus, etc.


  • Investments are minimal or nonexistent;
  • The ability to quickly get cryptocurrency;
  • There are virtually no risks;


  • A small amount of compensation;
  • The reward may not be paid if one of the conditions is not met or for other reasons;
  • Sometimes payments can take a long time: up to several months or more.

5. Crypto cashback

You can get cashback in cryptocurrency when you pay for purchases. There are even cryptocurrency debit cards with cashback in cryptocurrencies. Cashback can be credited for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, goods and services, depending on what the selected service offers.

Applications with crypto cashback:


  • Being able to get free cryptocurrency for shopping – for something you already do anyway;
  • You don’t risk anything.


  • You won’t be able to earn much in this way – you will only reduce your expenses;
  • It is not possible to get crypto cashback in any stores;
  • High fees when converting cryptocurrencies to fiat and back.

6. Freelance

You can offer various services to customers and receive payment in cryptocurrency. At the same time, you decide how much you will earn. You can write articles and create websites for cryptology or develop software for crypto service: wallets, exchanges, etc. 


  • No or virtually no investments are required;
  • The high ceiling of earnings;
  • Terms and payment are determined by you.


  • You need to be well versed in the chosen field in order to earn good money;
  • Finding customers may take time;
  • The risk of running into fraudsters or unscrupulous customers if you work without a contract. 

7. CryptoStream or blog

Nothing will prevent you from launching your own startup, which can then grow into a major media resource or crypto exchange. Once Binance was an unremarkable trading platform, but thanks to its innovative approach and products, It has become the largest crypto exchange in the world.

Binance owns an entire infrastructure that includes mining, staking, crypto lending, P2P trading, liquidity mining, and more. If you write articles, you can run your own blog, and if you write software, you can develop a crypto wallet or exchange, and maybe create your own blockchain with your own cryptocurrency.


  • You can start without financial investment, but at first you will need to spend a lot of time;
  • The earnings ceiling is virtually unlimited;
  • The opportunity to grow into a large blockchain business.


  • Large investments may be required for rapid development;
  • Fierce competition;
  • Big risks do not recoup the investment, spend time and incur losses.

8. Learn and earn

Some sites have launched services that allow you to get cryptocurrency for studying the blockchain industry. To get rewarded, you need to watch short video tutorials and correctly answer a few simple questions. While there are few such services, but they are out there 

Where you can do this:


  • Easy way to get some cryptocurrency;


  • Low yield;
  • A small selection of services is currently available;
  • The method is not available in all countries.

9. Play games 

There are many games on blockchain, and not only in the field of gambling. You can play strategy games and other games, getting rewards in cryptocurrency. This is often practiced in the blockchain industry. For example, the Gods Unchained MMORPG rewards users with ETH tokens: players can open chests and receive valuable cards that can then be sold to other players.


  • Combine business with pleasure;
  • No risk (if it’s not a casino);


  • Low yield;
  • Lack of any prospects.

10. Cryptoloans (bonus)

You can borrow cryptocurrency at a low interest rate to use it for your own purposes: in trading or arbitration. The only caveat: it is easy to get a loan, but you will need a collateral in cryptocurrency or fiat.

Life hack: there are centralized and decentralized services for crypto loans. The latter have low operating costs and operate independently, so their interest rates are significantly lower and may not exceed 1% per annum. Centralized services offer 6% to 15% per annum. Thus, you can borrow cryptocurrency on the DeFi platform, and then make a deposit on the CeFi service and get income. 

DeFi platforms:

CeFi platforms:


  • Low interest compared to traditional loans;
  • Ability to hedge risks.


  • Collateral is required;
  • Increased risk: if the exchange rate drops sharply, the collateral can be quickly liquidated;
  • You have to pay interest.


As you can see, there are many different ways to get cryptocurrency, but one of the most optimal ones is Buy & Hodl. It is quick and easy to buy cryptocurrency using exchangers. Changevisor will help you find a suitable method for buying bitcoin. But you can consider several ways: this way you will determine which one is best for you, compare the profitability, complexity, and other criteria. And we wish you a profit.

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