Crypto wallets you can rely on

At the moment there are dozens, if not hundreds of crypto wallets available. They differ in reliability, speed of operations, features, user interface and plenty of other parameters and it is virtually impossible to try them all and pick the best one. 

In addition, there are different types of cryptocurrency wallets, each of which is tailored for a specific task and specific audience: 

  • Desktop wallets. Programs installed on the user’s PC. Can be either full (with the entire blockchain on the hard disk) or lightweight (without the entire blockchain).
  • Mobile wallets – similar to desktop lightweight wallets but for smartphones
  • Hardware wallets (or cold wallets) – special devices that allow offline cryptocurrency storage.
  • Online or Web wallets – websites that provide wallet services.

There are also paper wallets – literally private keys printed out on a piece of paper (as a string of numbers or QR-code) or any other physical medium.

Since it is impossible to accurately rate all the wallets on the market, we will provide you with a shortlist of wallets that are proven to be reliable: one wallet per type (except paper wallets, obviously).

Ledger Nano

This hardware wallet is arguably the most secure wallet and the best on the market. Not only this thumb-drive sized device has extremely robust encryption, it also supports most of the popular cryptocurrencies and can be used as both cold and hot storage device.

However, it is also quite a hassle to use any hardware wallet to actually sign transactions and, most importantly, Ledger Nano is expensive. Depending on the exact model, it can easily set you back $100-$200.  So it is really practical only for long-term storage of large amounts of crypto.


Electrum is one of the most popular desktop wallets (it also has a mobile version) and certainly the most popular Bitcoin lightweight wallet on the market. It has lots of advanced security features, including two-factor authentication, multi-signatures and passphrases, but most importantly – it is fast and easy to use.

However, it only supports Bitcoin – no other asset can be stored in Electrum and the team doesn’t even plan adding other coins.

In addition, it is a centralized wallet – part of the operations are processed by the central server and the coins are actually stored in Electrum’s cold storage. But so far there are no cases of Electrum’s malicious actions.


Exodus is not only one of the most popular mobile crypto wallets in the world, it is also by far the most diverse wallet on the market. It has versions for virtually any platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, hardware). It is extremely user friendly, and supports a lot of coins, but there are obvious issues with security. It doesn’t even have two-factor authentication. So while it is good enough for everyday use for “pocket money”, you don’t want to store the bulk of your coins in Exodus. is the most popular online wallet. It is convenient and easy to use and is perfect for storing small amounts. For larger sums you have to verify your account. But is not a reasonable solution for large amounts anyway – the wallet is centralized and has security issues typical for all online wallets.


Metamask is THE wallet for the DeFi space since it supports Ethereum and all tokens issued on its blockchain, as well as many other blochains, such as Binance blockchains. It works as a browser plugin, is easy to use and a lot of DeFi projects directly require you to use MetaMask, so it is a “must have” for DeFi enthusiasts. 

The best way to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Even the very best wallet is useless without coins, and sooner or later you’ll have to sell some of your crypto for fiat. Thus, it is very important to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best available prices. The Changevisor service will greatly help you with that. Here you will find a large number of offers from dozens of exchangers. You can sort them by the asset, exchange rates, payment methods and so on. Therefore, you’’l be able to find the best offer on the market at any moment and get the most profit out of your assets.

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