The least obvious ways to earn Bitcoins

There are many ways to earn Bitcoins: trading, investing, airdrops, mining, and others. You’ve probably heard about them, and some of you have even tried to earn Bitcoins using these methods. At the very least, you could buy Bitcoin and hold it until the price rises. But there is no universal method that is suitable for everyone. For example, trading requires experience and is associated with high risks of losing money, while mining requires large investments and is almost unprofitable if you do not have access to cheap electricity.

In today’s article we will talk about unusual ways to earn money on Bitcoins that you might not know about.

Launch your blog

You can talk about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains and earn money from it. It will take some time before you monetize your blog, but in the long run it may even become a major source of income for you. First, you need to build a reputation as an expert in the cryptosphere. And when your opinion is listened to, and a community is formed around you that starts to trust you, you can monetize content in various ways: advertising, sponsorship, partnership, and other ways.

And you may even not need investments. Except for the cost of domain and hosting, if you decide to launch your own website. But you can also run and promote your own video blog on Youtube. You don’t have to limit yourself to one channel – use all available tools that will help you earn Bitcoin.

For example, you can create profiles on popular cryptocurrency forums such as Bitcointalk or Cryptotalk. You will have to work a little to create a high reputation and really understand the topic. Publish posts, make reviews, respond to other users and help them solve their problems. When you reach a certain level, you can add captions to your profiles and find sponsors. These are just a few examples. If you use your imagination, you will find many ways to earn Bitcoins on your content.


It doesn’t matter if you stream or develop a mobile game. Any content can be monetized. You can get Bitcoins by collecting donations from your subscribers. You don’t have to have thousands of subscribers. It is enough to create useful content that will be interesting to the audience. And users are likely to thank you for this.

Collecting Bitcoins with donations is very simple: you can create a QR code in a cryptocurrency wallet and place it on your page or website. Users just need to read it, enter the amount, and send some Bitcoins to your wallet.

Affiliate marketing

You don’t have to create your own content or product to earn Bitcoins. You can promote other people’s products and services and earn income through the affiliate program. A lot of companies support this method. For example, you can become an official reseller of Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets in your country. You can start your own online store or video blog, where you can talk about the useful properties of hardware wallets and offer your subscribers to buy them in order to safely store Bitcoins.

You can write reviews of crypto exchanges, new ICO projects and wallets, promoting affiliate links, and you will receive a fee for each client. The client registers once, and you will start receiving a fee for every purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. And if your blog becomes popular, then crypto projects themselves will offer you to post their reviews on their online platform on a paid basis.

Offer paid consultations

This option can be an additional source of income for those who have their own blog or a high-level profile on Bitcointalk. Many newcomers face problems when using cryptocurrencies or exchanges. You can share your experience with them and earn money from it. What topics you can consult on:

  • How to buy and sell Bitcoins;
  • How to create, add funds to your wallet and transfer funds to other users;
  • How to choose the right crypto wallet and store bitcoins safely;
  • Where you can buy/sell Bitcoins and other topics.

Offer qualified help to users and tell them that they can pay for your services with Bitcoins. You can use any channels for this: freelance exchanges, your own blog, or a Bitcoin forum. Be creative and the results will come soon.

Games and training

There are games and apps that allow gamers to earn cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC) and others. For example, you can earn cryptocurrency while you surf the Internet in the Brave browser. By the way, the browser has an affiliate program that you can also use to earn money.

Play games and earn cryptocurrencies. For example, you can earn Ethereum (ETH) just by playing browser games like Gods Unchained or Clash of Coins.

Another way is to study cryptocurrency and get rewards for it. Some companies encourage users who are interested in cryptocurrencies, and companies pay them to promote their products. Here are a few sites where you can earn cryptocurrency by completing a little training:


If you already have some bitcoins, you can earn passive income by lending your coins to companies. This works just like bank deposits, but interest rates can vary from 4% to 8% per annum. But if you regularly reinvest profits, you can increase deposit profitability. These services are available on the Celsius Network platform, Nexo, and the Aave decentralized platform. 

Additionally, your income will increase if the cryptocurrency exchange rate increases, but here you will have to take some risks. If you don’t have a cryptocurrency yet, you can buy Bitcoin through exchanges. Changevisor will help you do this. The service monitors exchangers on the Internet and offers users favorable rates. You can filter offers by the exchange direction you are interested in. Changevisor selects exchangers with various payment methods: PayPal USD, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer, and others. If you need to quickly buy cryptocurrency at a favorable rate, then take a closer look at Changevisor.


You can find many non-standard ways to earn Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, which can become not only an additional source of your income, but even the main one. Don’t limit your imagination. In this article, we only talked about a few ways, but you can come up with more original approaches to start your journey as a cryptoearner.

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