Unconventional ways to get crypto

Cryptocurrencies become more and more alluring every month, so more and more people become interested in getting their hands on a few (or not so few) coins. And while the most popular ways to get crypto – buying some coins and mining, are the most convenient and reliable, there are a few interesting and unconventional ways to earn crypto. Some of them even allow you to get coins for free!


This is by far the most popular way to get crypto besides buying and mining. Startups and companies often launch airdrops or bounty campaigns in order to attract attention to their project. 

Airdrop is just a free coin distributed among people who performed certain social actions: subscribed to the project’s social media, invited some friends to subscribe, liked a post, wrote a post in a forum or Reddit thread and so on.

Bounties are usually more substantiate, but also more involved. Bounties are awarded for writing articles, translating the project’s documentations, bug reporting and so on. 

But both methods allow you to get some crypto for free. The catch is that coins and tokens of new projects are quite unstable and volatile, so there is a risk of their price plummeting right after the release. Or, if you dump your coins as fast as possible, their rate may start to grow rapidly. So you should have a strategy of converting your airdrop\bounty reward into other asset developed for every such project you engage with.

Another problem is to find an airdrop in time. Fortunately, there are services that allow you to track airdrop campaigns efficiently:

  • Airdrops.io;
  • Airdrop King;
  • Airdropalert.com;
  • And many others


Hand to hand with bounty programs goes freelancing with compensation in cryptocurrencies. There is a huge demand for developers, marketers, copywriters, managers and other professionals in the blockchain industry. And a lot of projects are more than happy to pay in crypto. 

The tricky part is finding such jobs. We recommend you to check these platforms first:

  • BitcoinTalk – the largest crypto forum on the Web
  • XBTFreelancer – one of the most popular crypto freelance exchanges
  • Job4Bitcoins – subreddit for job offers with payment in BTC

Affiliate programs

Virtually every new crypto startup and most major crypto exchanges have affiliate programs that allow you to get rewards in cryptocurrencies for attracting users to the project or exchange in question.

Exchanges’ affiliate programs are especially interesting, since they pay not in the native project’s tokens, but in major cryptocurrencies.

Typically you get a small percentage from trades made by users registered via your  referral link. Binance and OKEx use these mechanics, for example. And you don’t have to do much in order to distribute your referral link: use your blog, social media, Youtube or Telegram channels and so on. Or you can buy some ads with your link on ads platforms.

Crypto lending 

There are literally dozens of DeFi p2p lending platforms that allow users to take and provide loans in cryptocurrencies, or secured by crypto collateral. Interest on such platforms are also paid in crypto.

Basically, it works similarly to bank deposits: you provide a certain amount of cryptocurrency to the platform and earn interest over time. The best part is that it is even more profitable than bank deposits – from 4% to 12% per annum on average.

However, p2p lending can be sometimes inconsistent in yield. So you can also loan your funds to a major crypto exchange, such as Binance. They use these funds to finance leverage in margin trading, and you earn interest on a fixed rate. 

Turn your crypto into money

Regardless of the method you choose, sooner or later there will be a moment when you’ll have to convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat money. And it is very easy to lose quite a lot on this exchange, especially if you don’t really think about it and you use the first exchanger you stumbled upon.

The Changevisor service allows you to monitor dozens of exchangers at once, sort them by the exchange rate, payment methods or other criteria. This way you can quickly find the most profitable and convenient offers for your specific situation

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